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At the Edge of the Sea 2016

Back for the eighth year, At the Edge of the sea took place a week earlier than usual this year, providing the customarily eclectic mix of music with a backdrop of Brighton Beach.

Remember, Remember…

So Bonfire in Lewes is massive…everything, in fact. A huge event celebrated by six bonfire societies within the town and others from across Sussex invited to be part of the procession. This year I was one of the official photographers for Southover Bonfire Society and, whilst the majority of the photos are for members only, these few atmospheric photos are ones that, for me, represent a soggy but spirited evening.

SBS Bonfire Night ProcessionSBS Bonfire Night ProcessionSBS Bonfire Night ProcessionSBS Bonfire Night ProcessionSBS Bonfire Night ProcessionSBS Bonfire Night Procession

Fashion Photoshoot with Bruce Smith




At the Edge of the Sea 2014

It doesn’t seem five years ago that I documented my first Wedding Present mini festival at Concorde 2 in Brighton, but then it also doesnt seem two days ago that I was getting ready to shoot this years eclectic musical extravaganza, courtesy of David Gedge of The Wedding Present. Nevertheless, we are now at the end of an unforgettable weekend of fantastic music and all that is left is to share the photos.

Concorde2, Brighton


This year’s line up was as follows (click on the names for photos):

Saturday 23 August : The Wedding Present play ‘Watusi’ and other songs
Also featured : The Membranes, Sky Larkin, Guards! Guards!, Cinerama performing ‘This Is Cinerama’ [odd numbered tracks], Black Light Ray [featuring former Wedding Present member Paul Dorrington], Bosco Rogers, Ukuladeez and Fawn Spots.

Sunday 24 August : The Wedding Present play ‘Mini’ and other songs
Also featured : Art Brut, Emma Pollock, The Cravats, Cinerama featuring Emma Pollock performing ‘This Is Cinerama’ [even numbered tracks], BIRD, Lutine, Umut Adan [from Turkey] and French For Cartridge.

Guilfest 2014

Guilfest was back this year, Hurrah! It seemed a bit quieter than usual, partly down to the late confirmation of the festival, I assume but I’m sure that the threat of storms of biblical proportions also had a bit to do with it. As it happened, the storms stayed away, the show rolled on and everyone had a fantastic time. Here are a few photos from the weekend.