Lewes Bonfire 2017

It’s been a while since I have posted some bonfire photos, so here goes to rectify that.

Just a few from my tour of duty with the fantastic Southover Bonfire Society on the Glorious Fifth (albeit it was on the fourth this year).

Mark Chadwick, Noble Jacks and Stee at the Con Club, Lewes – October 2017

At the Edge of the Sea 2016

Back for the eighth year, At the Edge of the sea took place a week earlier than usual this year, providing the customarily eclectic mix of music with a backdrop of Brighton Beach.

Remember, Remember…

So Bonfire in Lewes is massive…everything, in fact. A huge event celebrated by six bonfire societies within the town and others from across Sussex invited to be part of the procession. This year I was one of the official photographers for Southover Bonfire Society and, whilst the majority of the photos are for members only, these few atmospheric photos are ones that, for me, represent a soggy but spirited evening.

SBS Bonfire Night ProcessionSBS Bonfire Night ProcessionSBS Bonfire Night ProcessionSBS Bonfire Night ProcessionSBS Bonfire Night ProcessionSBS Bonfire Night Procession

Fashion Photoshoot with Bruce Smith

I had the opportunity to attend a fashion workshop with Bruce Smith, recently. I was able to work with some fantastic models, make up artists, designers etc. and Bruce himself. Here is a selection from the day.