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Anyone who lives in Lewes will have had the Viva Lewes! magazine through their letter box. It’s a fantastic local publication and one of my favourite parts is the “Where we Work” feature, where four local professionals are pictured in their place of work (the clue is in the name, huh?) by a local photographer. 

Well for April’s magazine, that photographer was yours truly and the professionals are Children’s Authors. Who knew that there was such a proliferation of creative talent in this small town? 

This was a fantastic piece of work to be involved in. The project gave me the opportunity to meet with some wonderfully talented people, find out about their work and their history (I’m nosey, what can I say?) and get a little creative myself. Here are a selection of the photos we took during the project. 

The featured authors are:

Matt Carr, Leigh Hodgkinson, Miriam Moss and Will Mabbitt


For anyone interested in the geeky aspects of this, the camera used was a Fuji X-t2 with 16-56 2.8 WR lens. The strobe for Matt and Will’s photos was a Godox 860ii, with Magmod modifiers for Matt’s portrait and a Saberstrip for Will’s. For the photos of Leigh and Miriam, I used a Godox AD200 with the Westcott Orb softbox.

Best Buddies


Had a great time taking photos of these two gorgeous lads at the weekend.